Our Mission is to build economically, educationally and culturally sustainable communities throughout the African Diaspora. Founded in 2017, by Baltimore, Maryland native and photojournalist Jermaine Gibbs, H.O.P.E. Missions leads an ongoing effort to build sanitation infrastructure, bridge technology gaps with modern computing donations and provide core resources for children and adults throughout disparately located communities.

H.O.P.E. Missions maintains a clear focus on three (3) core areas:

Infrastructure, we employ the expertise and talents of in-country community members to construct sanitation facilities, water sources and learning center build-outs.

Bridging the Technology Gap through donations of modern computing devices and training.

Core Life Essentials, a year-round campaign of clothing and personal-care products for men, women and children.

Our mission of service is realized through direct engagement by H.O.P.E. Mission volunteers, who travel throughout the African Diaspora, living within local communities. Although we rely upon the donations and investments by those who truly care about borthers and sisters, we sincerely believe that such personal investments of time, labor and genuine philanthropy are the core of our shared success.